Thomas Bertling visually prototyping

Welcome to ThomasWorks.

Hello!  My name is Thomas Bertling. I was born & raised in southwest Germany, but now, as a dual citizen, live in Los Angeles, California, USA with my wonderful wife and adorable son. 

I am a "visual thought prototyper."  With my formal training in industrial design, higher education, and business leadership, I've created this term to reflect what I do best: creating prototypes of your ideas and making them visibly tangible is the essence of intelligence-sharing to enable actionable decision-making.

ThomasWorks is where I share my thoughts on visual prototyping and its many manifestations. I am an active business consultant, educator, author, industrial designer, and educational leader.

I support development, strategy, and deployment for products and services for companies and institutions both large and small.  I create and implement learning environments for students, corporate clients, and institutions by teaching, training faculty, developing curriculum, and actualizing policies.  For a complete list of my wide range of clients, you can click Thomas Bertling Resume PDF for my resume.

For more information on the book How to Draw that I co-authored with Scott Robertson, you can go Amazon.   We combined our teaching experience of foundation sketching for designers into a hands-on learning experience including embedded augmented reality.

Thank you for visiting! 

Cheers, Thomas